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I’ve been chilling on this account, and I haven’t really had the time or interest go on either of my Garry’s…

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   ”Oh, hello there!”

"Hello there, sirs. How do you fair?"

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The girl blink then nods, very curious of his side.

“Okay…I’ll come with you to your side”

She held onto his hand tightly

"Alrighty then."

He took a tight grasp on her hand, and lifted her up, carefully pulling her into the portrait.

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-she tilts her head, looking at the man.-

”..Hello little miss. Who are you?”

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Ib nodded her head towards the stars that goes down.

“They are downstairs, looking at the other paintings. They wouldn’t let me come here alone, because I am still a child..”

"I see.." He replied.

"Well then, how about you come over to my side? I can help you understand some of these paintings, if you want.."

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“Thank you..it’s a honor to meet you too.”

She smiled faintly at him, feeling that she met him before.

"Anyway.." He continued.

"Where are your parents? Are you here all alone?"

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{Alright, the accounts are made.}

{Mine is bluerosebaron

Her’s is redrosemaiden :) }


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Throwing her gaze around for a moment, IA’s eyes finally settled upon the source of the sound. Is he referring to me? Seeing the direction in which the man was smiling and looking at, the Vocaloid came to the conclusion that he was, indeed, speaking to her. With a swift glance, the girl took in what she can about the other, almost instantly noticing the few strands of darker purple hair that contrasted against his base hair colour.

“Uhh… hello there… sir?” The ‘sir’ had been tacked on at the last minute, after IA felt that it was only appropriate since the other had been rather formal as well. “I’m doing well, thank you for asking? How about you?”

The girl was very pretty, but wore a certain air of awkwardness around him, was it something he had said? He hoped he did not offend her.

He found the sudden addition of sir very humorous. 

"Well, thank you." He replied.

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Ib looked at her hand suprisingly, then back to him.

“My name is Ib.”

She spoke softly, a little shy of meeting strangers.


What a familiar ring her name had..Did they meet somewhere before? 

"Ib..What a lovely name. It’s honor to meet you."

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Ib widened her eyes and looked at the rose in the man’s hand. She glanced up at him and she took his hand curiously.

He took her hand, and gave it a gentle kiss.

"Who might you be, little miss?"

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